Spy Gadgets For Men

How many men do you know who have a hankering to be James Bond when they think no one is looking?

We all know one or two like that, and they are probably closer to it than ever before, given the wide range of spy gadgets for men that are on the market now.  Some of these are truly innovative and pretty special, as you can see from the selection below.

USB snakescope camera

This is a small camera positioned on the end of a flexible cable.  It has plenty of different uses and will enable you to find all those things you drop down plugholes.  Some people even use it to explore their fishpond!

Walkie talkie watches

As the name suggests, no self serving James Bond would be complete without one of these.  And if they have an equally eager super secret agent friend they’ll have someone to talk to as well.  This is a great gadget for playing with kids of all ages.

Spy pen video camera

You can use it as a pen but you can also use it to take a secret film if you wish.  You can leave it perfectly positioned or simply tuck it in your top pocket – the camera is easily able to record from here.  All you have to do then is connect it via the USB cable to upload the recording to your computer.

The eavesdropper

Perfect for anyone who wants to hear what is going on in a room this neat gadget helps to pick up whoever happens to be talking.  You won’t miss out on any gossip when you are using this subtle device.

Finger print lock

You’ve seen it in countless spy films and similar programmes and now you can try it for yourself.  The finger print lock allows you to enter a room without needing a key, and no one else will be able to get in unless their finger print is also stored inside the unit.

Spy sunglasses

These are ideal for looking cool on the beach during the summer – and you’ll be able to see behind you as well.  They look great and can be very practical as well.  Try riding a bicycle while wearing them and you’ll get that extra added degree of safety as well.

Some spy gadgets are definitely more practical than others.  But while some have higher price tags you will see plenty more that have lower price tags as well – sometimes around ten pounds or even less.  And watch out for special deals that are sometimes available.  These can save you a significant amount on otherwise expensive items.

New spy gadgets for men are being released all the time as well.  As technology becomes more advanced and cheaper to access we can expect to see some more great items to choose from very soon.