Security Gadgets For Men

It’s quite amazing just how many security gadgets there are around today.  Many of them use the most up to date technical advancements to make them work, and there are plenty of diverse and fascinating gadgets on the market today that are very tempting to invest in.

Could you find a use for one or more of these?

The key fob camera

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed a video camera but didn’t have yours with you?  It will never happen again if you invest in this key fob camera.  It hangs from your key bunch and it’s always there when you need it.

USB voice recorder

No one suspects the innocent looking USB memory stick.  But this one is designed to look innocent while packing a voice recorder inside it.  If you need to record a conversation it will work perfectly.

The fake TV

Why would you want a fake TV when you have a real one?  The key thing to remember is that this TV is not for you – it’s to deter would be thieves.  It comes on automatically when the sun goes down, showing a flickering image through your curtains.  Who would risk burgling an occupied house?

The Kensington lock

If you want to keep your laptop secure, you need a Kensington lock to do it.  This solid lock makes it virtually impossible for anyone to steal your laptop.  Just attach it to something solid, heavy and immovable.

Spy Cobra

This is another piece of kit that looks like a USB memory stick.  But if you think you need to leave it in the computer to make it work, think again.  The idea is that the Spy Cobra records what is done on your computer.  Parents can keep an eye on the sites their children visit, for example, although there are many more uses for it.  Once the software is installed the Spy Cobra gadget can be removed.  You can also store recorded data on it.

As you can see there are countless security gadgets that would appeal to many men.  Not only do they make great gifts but they are immensely practical too and offer a greater degree of security in many different ways.

Some of them are available for pocket money type prices, which is good news if you are looking for bargain gifts or that elusive but useful stocking filler.  Alternatively you can opt for something a bit more expensive.  Some security gadgets are by their very nature more costly – take the fingerprint lock that can be bought to keep your home or office secure for example.

In any event there is a big market in security gadgets of all kinds now.  Whatever you are looking for you’ll find something ideal for keeping your home secure and free from intruders – and your car, your office and anywhere else besides.