Entertainment Gadgets For Men

We all know that men love their gadgets.  They’re pretty difficult to resist for lots of us, but men seem to have an affinity for all kinds of gadgets.

In fact, if they appeal to them in an entertaining kind of way they’re sure to love them even more.  Entertainment forms a big part of any man’s life, so they won’t fail to be impressed by any kind of gadget that helps them out in this particular area.

With that in mind, perhaps the following items will prove useful for you to consider.

The ice cream ball

It might sound unusual and a little bit bizarre, but this has to be the easiest way to make home made ice cream.  The only mixing that you need to do is by rolling the ball around repeatedly to make the ice cream itself.  Simple ingredients in the right parts of the ball make the whole thing possible – and very enjoyable to make too.

Mobile cinema DVD projector

There is often nothing better than sitting back with your favourite drink and snack and enjoying a nice movie with the one you love.  But for that real cinema experience you need a big screen to watch it on.  This is where the mobile projector comes in.  Just pop in your choice of DVD and you can watch it projected onto your chosen wall.


This is a remote controlled robot which works on the WiFi network.  You can control it even when you are out and about, meaning you can keep an eye on your home, your cat and anything else you want to watch out for.

GPS keychain

There are lots of variants of the keychain but this one lets you program in your co-ordinates.  If you are out somewhere and you get lost, it will help you find your way back quite easily.

USB roll up drum kit

Some items are just made to be enjoyed, and this is one of them.  Simply connect it to your computer via the USB cable, unroll it and start playing.  It interacts with your computer as well, letting you join in while your favourite tunes are playing.

Entertainment gadgets can fall into all kinds of categories.  Some of them really are just for fun, whereas others have a distinctly practical edge as well.  Depending on who you are buying the gift for, you can choose which type of entertainment gadget will fit the bill best.

Finally you should remember that buying these gadgets online is invariably better than buying from a shop.  This is because you will always get better choices online, thanks to the lower overheads and the ability to buy in more interesting stock.  Many online stores stock nothing but gadgets for men, so you’ll be spoilt for choice no matter what you happen to be looking for.