Computer Gadgets For Men

Most of us love to get online and use our computers.  But men do love their gadgets to go with that experience.  And heaven knows there are plenty of computer gadgets out there if you want to treat them to something that will make their computing even more enjoyable.

Try these for size – they represent just a small selection of the gadgets you can buy today.  Which ones will you like the most?

The hacked USB flash drive

Flash drives come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and designs nowadays.  But you will be hard pushed to beat this one.  It is designed to look like a USB cable with a frayed end, making it appear that you have damaged the cable by getting up too quickly while it was still attached.  This is a nice design that will make everyone look twice.

USB negative scanner

Back in the days before digital cameras were all the rage we used to handle proper photos and their negatives.  If you still have negatives hanging around now, perhaps you should think about investing in this negative scanner to upload them onto your computer instead.

Smart Swipe

This is set to take the computer and online shopping worlds by storm.  Another USB gadget, this one allows you to swipe your credit card through it when buying something online.  Secure and encrypted, it makes buying things online even safer than it was before.

Virtual laser keyboard

If you are bored with your usual keyboard why not invest in a laser one instead?  Ideal for Mac’s and tablet PCs you can switch it on and use it as it is displayed on a flat surface in front of you.

3D webcam

Webcams are not all the same, as this example shows.  It comes together with a set of 3D glasses so you can watch a webcam image in 3D instead of 2D.  Irresistible to anyone who wants to add an extra layer of enjoyment to talking to and seeing people online!

USB cell batteries

They look like what they are, until you flip the top off.  These batteries are designed to charge by plugging them into your USB socket.  They are ideal for laptops and desktops, no matter what you need the batteries for.

There are certainly plenty of USB gadgets available today, and they have a wide range of uses too.  Some are gimmicky and others are just plain fun, but many of them are entirely practical, as you can see from the examples above. 

Remember though that computer gadgets are not restricted to USB type ones.  As you explore the market more and more you will see that there is a whole range of other gadgets for men that are computer related as well.  All of which is ideal news if you are looking for that special gift.