Cool Gadgets For Men

The word ‘gadget’ really covers a myriad of different areas and items.  But they all have one thing in common – most men cannot resist them!

Whether it’s a computer gadget that is practical enough to be used every day or a fun gadget that is for entertainment purposes and nothing more, you can always be sure they will be well received when giving them as gifts.

And to that end, if you need any inspiration or ideas along these lines, perhaps the following suggestions might help.

Drop Stops

With a name like that you might be wondering what these items actually do.  The idea is to fit them between your seat and console in your car, so if you drop something it won’t get lost down that gap.  And we all know the gap is big enough to drop small things into, but not big enough to get your hand into to retrieve them!

The iPad

We couldn’t pass over this one, could we?  This fits into the category of ‘don’t need it but really want it’.  And thousands of people already have one and are hooked on using it.  This is a good gadget if money is no object for the guy you love.

Automatic water pistols

A good bet if you’re looking for a cheap but fun gadget.  Once you pull the trigger it fires bullets of water in rapid succession.  Based on the real gun, this water pistol will see off all comers quite easily indeed.

The Freeloader charger

For guys that are always out and about using their mobiles et al, this solar charger will keep them going even when their mobile battery runs down.  Charge it up via the sun and use it whenever you need a top up.

The life clock

This is unlike any other clock you may have seen.  Instead of having minutes and hours it has years.  You can literally see your life ticking away – albeit a lot more slowly than a normal clock would tick round, thankfully.

Lazy days hammock

We’d all love a hammock but unless you are lucky enough to have two perfectly placed trees in your back garden you won’t be able to have one.  Unless you buy the lazy days hammock, which has its own self contained stand to hook up to.

3rd Space FPS Vest

This is the must have gadget for any guy who loves playing computer games.  The idea is that if you get hit you’ll know all about it, as the vest simulates the action.

Of course this is just scratching the surface of all the games and gadgets that are out there today that men of all ages will love.  Whatever budget you have and whoever you want to buy a gadget for, you’ll find something suitable quite easily indeed – especially if you check out the online stores.